- About The Brand -

Our Commitment


BANYA BOARDS were created by Keisha Boyd McDuffie and Kimberly W. English in the Summer and Fall of 2020.  During the Pandemic both ladies really wanted to focus on complete health and wellness.  Both ladies love Spa and Bath and wanted to promote a product that would allow one to relax, enjoy and escape for a time from the stressors of being in Quarantine and social distancing.  Hence the BANYA BOARD was created!


At BANYA BOARD we are committed to using the best quality materials that are natural and true to wellness, which is the true spirit of the company.  Crystals, tassels, the finest woods and resins are used to create each and every BANYA BOARD.  All boards are hand made and cut to fit each bath tub for the perfect level of comfort and SPA.  The pieces are a work of ART and truly are a staple to any bathroom or shower area of a home.  We wanted to bring the luxury of SPA to each customer and educate the public about Spa, Bath, Relaxation and Wellness.  Both ladies have a wealth of knowledge about the craft of making the original BANYA BOARD.

Keisha Boyd McDuffie is committed to bringing each unique BANYA BOARD to every customer using the finest of stones, quality materials, and accessories.  There will be nothing less than sheer beauty, luxury and wellness accepted.  We love the BANYA BOARD and hope that each and every one of you will fall in love with yours too.

Keisha Boyd McDuffie

Why Banya Boards?


A BANYA is a traditional RUSSIAN steam SAUNA that is usually heated by a Stove.  An old tradition of the culture that has existed for centuries.  Steam bathing is considered to be good for mental and physical health.  The BANYA promotes Relaxation and a way to unwind from the day.  

Items usually included in a BANYA are towels, steam, large stones to heat and massage the body, stone stoves with chimneys, open flames, and Veniks-besoms made of dried tree or herb branches to flock one's body.

The tradition of BATH is a World-Wide occurrence experienced by many cultures Internationally.  At BANYA BOARD the goal is to promote total health and wellness while relaxing and enjoying one's hot bath or shower.  BANYA BOARDS are custom made to fit all bathing experiences and can be shipped World-Wide.

We have now added and EXCLUSIVE CANDLE LINE-LB-Lit BANYA, under Lit Spirits Candle Company.  Staying TRUE to our tradition of wellness, our candles are made of 100% recycled Spirit Bottles-we pour our decadent scents and match them with a handmade BANYA-per your request.  So Fancy!

Order your BANYA BOARD & Lit Spirits Candle today and experience, "The ART of Bathing..."