Our LOVE BANYA Valet Series made to celebrate Lovers...

The LOVE Valet can be used for Wine and Bath and is a great addition to your cozy spot or Fireplace, perfect for Lovers.

This BANYA is a dark cherry wood with a rose and milk bath resin embellishment.  It has genuine ROSE QUARTZ handles and is a perfect additon to your BANYA Collection.


Massage Oil (check), Wine (check), LOVE BANYA (a must have check)...Enjoy.


SKU: 0030
  • This product is hand-made and unique. Each BANYA BOARD may be different with natural flaws which enhance its beauty. The BANYA is stained and sealed with water proof materials for your use and enjoyment.

  • All BANYA BOARDS are final purchases due to the global Covid-19 Pandemic.